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I spotted a small video alan pope shared a couple of weeks ago of a smart watch pairing and giving notifications to the watch.. This was a ubuntu phone and a pebble time. I had a similar setup with the hc-pebble-wh_1
nexus 5 and the LG G watch which was pretty good apart from the voice recognition wasnt always perfect and batter life was poor, usually lasted a day. Also the LG R isnt water proof, it wasnt even safe wearing in the shower! anyway i thought id go for the classic which is the cheapest to test this out before i invest in the best!  (since that ive bought another!) The watch life is up to seven days and is 50m water proof! РNicely sized and lightweight in the wrist Рeasy interface and built in alarm and capability to change watch faces and install apps.

So i joined the ubupebble group and got the instructions how to install. The phone out of the box needs a package installing to push notifications and see the phone which was pretty straight forward. Ive been told the watch wont need this package as its being released in the new ubuntu OTA9 update so as from around next month you probably can install the upebble package from the store on the phone. Plus ive been told the push isnt required now in proposed ūüôā I had to install this manually and the push deb which your phone has to be RW so if you dont like your phone in RW then i would wait a month – also the phone has to be on proposed channel which was straight forward to allow this all to work. Below is a few tips to get some of the items above if your going to jump in now.

  • call notifications
  • message notifications
  • telegram notifications
  • calendar notifications
  • call control
  • calendar notifications
  • evernote task notifications

upebble on ubuntu touch


Make phone RW – connect phone with developer mode enable and run this on your computer terminal –¬†phablet-config writable-image

To switch to proposed on a BQ phone again as above have developer enabled and phone connected and with a computer terminal type –¬†ubuntu-device-flash –channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en

To install a click package from the phone console on the phone terminal or remotely logged in to the phone using the command adb shell type –¬†pkcon install-local –allow-untrusted package name

I would then install telegram if not already installed and join the upebble group on there were you can get any help required. I would put the packages here but they are in frequent updates as its getting new features every other day!

This is the main development site here




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