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January 2017 Android app review

android sms app review

Im gonna kick off 2017 with some reviews on android apps!

Now the first app i recently added and think deserves a review as i was quite surprised at actually how good it is !! is Pulse is a sms messaging app with a few nice features. The app support dual sim which i need. But the fact you can install this on your tablet and send and receive sms messages which makes the phone / tablet messaging seamless is the killer option. There is a cost to this at £1 per month as your using there sms services which is pretty good or a one of payment for £10 for ever which i was tempted but a lot can happen in ten years. I installed the app on the phone and it setup in a breeze then just added it to my tablet and confirmed the number and the text started working!! I tried to use the webmail on my chrome browser but asks for user password which i didnt know so i sent a support email but havent heard anything back so im not stressing about that would have been handy but no pressured… so cant comment on the web browser plugin yet… some other small cosmetic features is having automatic different colours for text from different users and bubble picture images for the image of the person you are getting the text from. I like the simple design swipe left to delete and the standard bottom right plus button to send a new text. Now one of the features i did use and is handy and worked for new years eve was scheduled text which worked nicely, now the only problem i did have is i made a message to go to chosen people which would have been better when selecting the people just to go to a full list of contacts and easily tick which ones you want and then select ok but its not like this you kind of have to know there names ? then once you do this and write the message, there seems no going back like i couldnt add and more people to the message and i couldnt edit the text which was a real pain? as when i checked it had typos in it so went to change the text but that made no difference, so i thought id just delete the scheduled text and start again but couldnt find were to delete it!? bummer 🙁 so make sure you check before you schedule! All i can say is they nearly hit the mark just some little rough edges.

here is the feature list 

  • Seamlessly integrates with any device (tablet, watch, TV, web, native Google Chrome, and Firefox apps and extensions) to support SMS and MMS, through your phone number!
  • Beautiful layouts
  • Night mode
  • Pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list
  • Smooth transitions between conversations
  • Beautiful, readability-style browser for the best web experience
  • Powerful, per-contact, theming support
  • Delayed sending
  • Support for Dual-SIM devices
  • Automatic message backup and restore
  • Blacklisting of numbers to stop the spam
  • Scheduled text messages
  • Search messages and conversations
  • Mute notifications on an individual user basis
  • Completely snooze the app from all notifications for a given time period
  • Custom notifications for contacts
  • Search Giphy for GIFs to attach to your messages
  • Share photos, videos, and audio along with your messages

Has to score a 8 out of 10