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2013 may LLUG, lancaster linux user group meeting

its been a while since a good old LLUG meeting so i deceided to organise a meet in lancaster on the 16th of may on a thursday night at the yorkshire house which i thiught would be good for a change for scenery for the LLUG. have to say a great turn out nice to seek rik boland again and finally to meet ken walker and my good friend liam hughes, so not bad for a off the cuff meeting. We had a quick chat about linux and what we use etc and then got fired into a android demo.
I installed android from a iso on my virtual box under ubuntu and created a emulated SD card so we could try and install some apk files as recent tests showed the market place not to be working. I then uploaded a apk file to my server and downloaded it to the android VM using wget in a terminal when then had to change shell to get the apk to install and we got a program installed and loading. We talked about different distros including red hat, ubuntu, gentto, bsd, mac osx and ubuntu touch and suse. We also talked about different package formats including rpm, deb and portage. I also showed of the new dell xps dell ubuntu developer edition for the group to enjoy and showed off the boot up and sleep speeds with SSD drive.
we will return to the meeting next month and we are looking at the 1st thursday of the month from 8pm at the yorkshire house agin which is very good position for meetings and we got free wifi so ideal!
darren poulson has mentioned a rapberry pi demo which sounds interesting ill drag one of my raspberrys aslong!
please watch the mailing list for more details on meetings, if you have joined yet please join here 
we are looking for new members to make our meetings more interesting also please can you let us know about any demos you might be interested in showing or seeing.
Many thanks 
may 2013 LLUG meeting. 

android on ubuntu

I just tested android in a virtual box machine on ubuntu worked great

1) Download VirtualBox, I installed from the ubuntu app store
2) Grab the image from AndroVM. The one you need, pick the one you want.
3) Just import the image into VirtualBox.
4) Run the VM.

i downloaded the VM from here and unzippped the isoi added it to a standard linux 2.6 VM and i did a install and i ran a live version. Both worked fine with sound and network. Only problem i had was the mouse so i disabled mouse integration and it worked fine!! give is a whirl i used all the stand options for the VM apart from i gate it 1024 ram and it worked fine!!!