magsafe end fix

this is the mag safe cut off and resoldered and witing to be re – connected

this is the magsafe end stripped ready to be resoldered

the end re-aplied – and works perfect

my next blog about this is when i have found something that makes it look like this!!

Its easy enough to remove the outer casing with some cutters and remove the inside – the connector has two wires which is soldered to three parts on the internal pcb.
Ive seen posts that say you can kill yourself doing this – but i never!! ha ha. All you need is a low wattage soldering iron and a steady hand, de-solder the old wire and re-solder as shown in the pictures to the right places.
I just need to find or invent a external fitment which will replace the old casing which one will look good (so no tape) and another be easy to take off to fix if it needs re-soldering again – plus it would be nice to gain extra strength and still show the LED light……