Xandros on the asus

I had my first look at xandros on the asus the other day and was basically shocked by how crap it comes out of the box! I remember getting my first asus switching it on looking at xandros and then connecting a USB cd rom and installing kubuntu 2 minutes after!
Well i was looking at adding some extra software one being software to connect to the msn messenger service – So i tried pidgin which was like so old and dated – so I added some repositories and added amsn which was like last years version! i tried to add kopete but it wanted to update all the base system files to debian and update all the kdebase etc so i sacked that off!
I looked around xandros and its just dated – is this there idea of stable? hell how can they mass produce this and give this rubbish to the public? The asus is the best laptop ive seen in years hardware wise its perfect!! but they install a operating system on it that is dated and horrible to look at! My daughters boyfriend wanted to know why he couldnt see the other persons display picture in messenger and why it basically was crap!! Ive since then set it up with kubuntu intrepid and kde4 – now it fits in to todays requirements!

Modern looking login screen & desktop operating system
Desktop widgets (no has mac os widgets)
Camera capture (with cheese)
Kopete (IM)
Amarok (audio with xine plugins for mp3)
Firefox (web browser with flash)
Kxmame (games)
Kmldonkey (download program)
Smplayer (video player)

Loads of other decent software included I noticed adept 3 is wicked and knetwokmanager functions 100%
If asus loaded the laptops up with better modern version of linux maybe people wouldnt install XP on them ???