Spicebird 0.7 Beta on intrepid

If you looking for a all in one app for email / blogging and messaging + google gadgets this is looking promising!
Its made by the same people who make firefox and thunderbird but its pulling all the services into one place which is a great idea!!
Now already have my thunderbird doing my google mail / contacts & calendar and im using lightning for calendar and tasks which are hosted on RTM
Any how i installed spicebird and ran through the wizard which setup my google imap and smtp server and calendar – spot on!!
I added my wordpress blog and my blogs dropped in but cant find were to write a new blog if i click on the write button it wants to write a email might be me being thick here or something??…..
I wanted to add my google contacts but this isnt a option so i tried to add the zindus addon i use with thunderbird but this doesnt work so no google contacts so no use to me for now!
I added my RTM url and it says the lightning version im using is older and asks me to restart spicebird – then it restarts with all my external calendars disabled??
I didnt bother adding my IM account as i can see its not ready yet ! the google gadgets look cool and its all nicely layed out in tabs!!
But i need google contacts and RTM lets see what happens in 0.8….

take a look here

thunderbird rocks!! (for now!)