Blogging software for KDE

If your blogging on kde there are various blogging clients around.
I have a wordpress blog which is pretty standard like..
Any way on kde 3.5.x we have blokkal and kblogger.

Blokkal isnt in the repositories so you have to download the deb file and install. Now its a quite nice program to use very polished off with some nice features, you get a shortcut in the program menu to launch it. I found it didnt correctly put the date in so I would end up with the blog i wrote being at the end of my blog because the date would have the year of 1999 etc!
Has some nice features for bold text and links and adding images very much like using open office writer.

Kblogger again isnt in the repositories so get the deb file and install. Now this program does’nt put a icon in the program menu it adds it as a kicker applet which is handy! Very light weight great for a fast blogging and the date is correct. Very light on features but i like fast style blogging without all the bells and whistles!

KDE 4 – Blogging on kde

Everything changes here. Now we have still got kblogger which now displays its icon in the program menu and gains a few more features but fails to work on intrepid at all, blokkal only has source code available which i tried to compile but fails badly even with all the dev libraries required.
Last but not least – now this was one of the reasons for me switching to kde 4
Kontact journal – yes you can now blog to your wordpress and other types of blogs while in kontact! I use kontact to run my business so use it all day every day so being able to blog direct from kontact is great for me! So for one its already installed with a standard install and another you dont have to use other software its all in one place! easy to setup – I right clicked on calendar and selected add journal on blog entered my blog url and username and password and selected auto detect. It setup all the settings for me and just works fine! The only problem I have is when i write a blog it automatically posts the blog and come back with a invalid blog ID error? i just click OK and it goes and it still posts the blog!
So for me its currently journal in kontact! its early days and all the bugs will get squished hopefully.
The only other answer is do it through a web browswer like its designed too but that would be to easy maybe ? :-)