Asus 701SD wireless problems

If your having problems getting the wireless workimg on your new 701SD
With ubuntu / kubuntu on either intrepid or hardy this is the solution!
Trust me it took me a day to figure this out!
First get a console and add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list (as root)
deb hardy-proposed eeepc
save and do apt-get update
now you need to get the kernel & modules
apt-get install linux-eeepc
now reboot and press escape on the grub boot menu
and select the new eeepc kernel – make sure your user is in the group netdev in /etc/groups
You should now have wireless!! it worked for me I tried a earlier and a newer kernel for intrepid but none of them worked apart from the 2.6.24-22 version.
You get more options for cpu power scaling with 2.6.24-27 but thats pretty much it! I tried all the mad wifi tricks and ndiswrapper but none of them worked – the mad wifi just didnt compile and the ndiswrapper worked as far as seeing the wlan card and access point but wouldnt connect even without wep enabled on the AP. is worth a look :-)