a mad weekend of linux installs!

Ive just had a crazy weekend installing various flavours of linux and various machines and platforms!
I started testing kubuntu 8.4 on i386 and started adding kde 4 which didnt go to bad bt then realised was available! with kde 4 added like a remix version! That seemed better but then fell across the kubuntu 8.10! hell now this is the latest beta bleeding edge version which has nearly got all the apps moved in to kde 4. I noticed amarok still comes in the kde 3.5.x style and k3b does to, you can add te test amarok version to get the kde 4 versin of amarok (dont know why they never did this anyway!?) aldo a package is available for the kde 4 version of smb4k but if you use that make sure you install smbfs package or it will moan at you!
Well anyway with 8.10 you get adept 3.0 which is the kde 4 version and a new icon for plasma dashboard! And you get this new home folder browser icon which is cool. All the kontact apps are kde 4 which is good and saves you ugrading etc etc.
Im just testing the 64 bit version with real time I see there isnt a RT kernel so i may have to use a older kernel which i cant see being a problem we will see…
But it works very well on the asus 701 with the latest kernel from array.org
The new kernel i went for is the eeepc lean kernel.. yep they ripped all the crap out of the kernel thats unrequired like nvidia drivers and macintosh support to make it faster at loading and running etc!.. Seems cool all the hotkeyss work and wireless is great! I also gained suspend to ram and suspend to memory support! Overall on the laptop 9/10 as i got a few minor bugs which i can live with …
Ill test the 64 bit version today as the install has just spat the cd ot and is for the reboot into 64 bit linux mmmm….