weekend of gigging & muso talk

good weekend started friday at the carlton with promethium and a mix band of steve promethiums old singer – max and dave ex dime store and ben from the ashes. quality turn out – great acts – promethium played well.
Saturday did a party for joe and cass up at grahams house with dan – plenty of beer and cocktails and even fish and chips in a cone!!! wicked night another great turn out!!
Finished up the weekend with a promethium band meeting which was very productive :)
need to get some serious rehearsing in this week on the basses – its all good :)

On the other hand ive had news natural thing the band i created 15 years ago is no longer going to be playing – its been a long old gig and had some happy times. We have said this before and got back together but im afraid there is no going back ive so many projects I want to put my time into this year I just cant see the point as i need to move on to higher goals – although i wish all the lads all the best.

Need to get my head down over the next few weeks to buy the new bass – this will give me a new lease of life on the old 5 string department. When i get the studio work out of the way over the next few months im getting the trace elliot in for a repair and im going to bring the trace elliot 18×10 cab in bi-amp mode to blend with the new 5 string so i get that big fat bottom end which i desire……