Gutted but no so gutted

I been so busy but i thought id check out a site for the company i used to work for
for one the coding on the site is well below standards if i was managing the coders
i wouldnt let this site look so erm…. shite – i wouldnt have out of date information
I would not have dead links all over the site and im sure there would be more clients
it look like the standards have more than slipped which im glad because of the way i was treated – but no so glad because i put a lot of time and energy into building it.
So all i can say is tuff shit guys you shouldnt get rid of the person who gives you power.
Sometimes its hard to hit the bottom but maybe you will think next time before getting rid of the person who made you big ? maybe you should learn about technology and educate yourselves about computers – staff and the people who you should really keep.

Ill sit back and watch the fall :-)
While i build a empire