Ebay postage rules

I think ebay should put some rules in regarding postage, you get these greedy bastards who put items on cheap and load up the postage. I ordered a GTA stratergey guide for my lad of ebay of my_little_alice now the book was a quid so i thought what he hell i noticed the P&P was four quid which i thought was a tad dear and was obvoius the had loaded it up a bit. Anyway i paid straight away and the book arrived two days after in a ripped grey piece of paper! it was fit enough to trace through! So i followed the ebay recommendations and gave accurate feedback – now the silly cow who has the account pressumed i was new to ebay ! but this was just a fresh account i had setup – I ve had accounts for years ive sent £8000 pound guitars world wide the blooody nougat! Now when i send a package i charge the correct price and and use proper packaging. Now i would have sent this book for £1.50 – £2.00 max and it would have been in a decent envelope or bubble rap envelope. Any way the silly cow sent me a abbusive message becase she has over a thousand decent feedbacks and im so new to ebay and i dont have a clue!! nougat! Anyway i told her to stop send me shitty messages and that i had took pictures of here crappy packaging and would show these to ebay if she wanted ?! guess what she didnt reply. Why cant people just take shit on the nose highly strung little cow!!!!
I think they should put a fare P&P policy in place to stop people like this taking the piss and stop the rip off greedy ebayers!