busy day – work and other things!

What a mad day! got plenty of website work and for the first time ever working with people ive started a site for my mate paul waterhouse and he has just give me the information required no messing its like a gift from god – most people want a site dont help or give you information or mess you about which has made me put in place a document which states what they are getting before i start now! apart from this one with paul he is a gem check the site so far after a week its looking good now just need to optimise and get him to number one in google!! www.pw-cleaning.co.uk

I have a guy coming in the morning for a quick training session on the site and just need to add the last few bits of text which has been a nice little job! he wants to know why its not in google!? so i have to explain about the optimisation part which costs extra so hopefully another optimisation job in tomorrow.

Had a look at our michelles ipod which wasnt loading the apps and some movies werent playing so i just ran the updates in the app store which there was ten of and it was fixed! nice.

Ive fixed my ebay account and started auctions on my macbook – bass guitar and a laptop of a clients I can get this new bass payed for!! plus im going to advertise my old dining room table set 2morro and i have loads of cd’s and clothes to get on this week!!! $$$$

Just put two and two together and realised people getting involved in stuff they shouldnt really need to get a life – im not getting involved in peoples shit on facebook again you cant even trust your own family let alone half of the knob heads on it! So now the relationship we have must suffer because they have to get involved in things that is totally totally none of there business but they decide they have to stick there nose in ?!!!

Oh well good times – things are looking good for the new year – business is good starting to realise who I can trust im my so called family and its getting pretty frickin slim! but hey ho im happy as larry just getting on with my life all i can say is I love our lass my kids – my mum and dad – they are most important. This year i will be concentrating on them and myself. No more favours no more freebies. I got business and my bass playing and promethium to focus on. I have some other businesses up my sleeve which are fat so watch this space.

Anyone have any questions anyone want to butt into shit that dont even have anything to do with you go ahead or maybe concentrate on your own lives and family like I am. All i can say is all the best to ya’s. Peace.