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jamming on the coast …

Been scouting around for that weekly jam, i used to run my own in the UK for quite a while now but the problem you got there is you get the muso who just likes music and is a good person then you get the other dregs who are just a liability and think the world owe them something – so its a lot easier to sink into other jams and loose the hassle! to be honest the people i been jamming with in spain are just happy and getting on with the jam i havent seen the drama and politics which is just up my street! So my first jam experience was pogs in fuengirola.

The location is good and venue is good but here in spain things start late like the jam kicks in at ten at night!! which is cool if you live in the town but if you like a drink which we tend to do when jamming then a taxi home can set you back 30 euros!! Now the band was pretty pro top notch musicians and to me tended to be more of a gig than a jam… the place was bouncing and the band was spot on, had a chat to the guys and they were all cool and didnt mind if i racked up next week with my amp and guitar and did a few. Now the drummer i went with did ask about 4 times if he could have a go and was told he could but never played so not so sure – but go and try and enjoy the night the place was bouncing!! No craft ale as such but the wheat beer is like amazing.

The second jam which was amazing but we had a little problem with the sat nav and ended up riding round a montain for two hours with a gibson strapped to my back on the scooter made this a bigger adventure than what we bargained for!! The place is a outside venue with bar and stage and the most amazing scenery is Asociación “Ventorrillo El Cura” now this was like one of my jams! people just getting up and mixing and what a great day! the audience was great the place was buzzing and all the musos were just amazing. Really enjoyed jamming out some blues with these guys and the musician quality was top notch. These are the kind of guys i wanna jam with. 

The location is around 10 / 15 minutes from malaga – here is the map


ubuntu your making my life hard… but your not..

well landed in spain this time loaded with 2 x ubuntu bq phones> installed a vodafone UK sim and a spanish orange sim which is mundo works great for switching between phone networks.


Hotel – brittania airport –    rating very poor.

t hotel is a nightmare its dirty and we didnt get transfers and had to move the car into a pay car park. When i called up to dispute thet never called me back, never use this hotel it can not be trusted.


Hotel Asur campo, amazing hotel – great location – 5 minute walk to the gibralter border.

gibralterall ican say is fag stop and leg it..


Hotel – juan miguel   –  rating very good

graffiti granada, expensive parking, food and drinks although the juan miguel is a lovely hotel and great location. Make sure you book the alahmbra otherwise you will end up not being able to get in!!

Alca la real

Hotel – Hostel rio de oro   – rating very good

perfection with heritage

great prices, great location, plenty of amenities and tapas with all your drinks worked out the most cost effective place ive ever stayed in spain.

el parque is great location in the local park seemed to be the latest bar open, which was like 11.30/12pm

alaska is another great bar just off the park and has great beer and the tapas is one of the best and great friendly service used this place a lot.


 Hotel – El Barrio   – rating very good

amazing apartments we had one which was more like a studio and had a balcony. Loved it. Best location.

Bamboo, food and service and views amazing will come back try prawns with garlic starter the best on the coast.


Hotel – Hostal Los Corchos – not bad 🙂

, took us ages to find this place – not bad 24hr reception and stayed on groud floor. Quite a way down at the end of the town but great rates and clean rooms.


spain links

Im going to build a directory of my favourite places in spain next week with places to visit, bars restaurants etc watch this space…


here is one to start with

Great place set in the mountains in spain in a village called competa.

peter pan adventuras competa excursions