the competition – lancaster computer or morecambe computers

i see some one is trying there hardest to top me on computer keywords for lancaster computers and morecambe computers not to mention kendal, garstang preston
holy crap they cant have any work to sit there stewing over who is the highest in google ha ha ha!

Listen for computer repairs just search for lancaster computers and use lancaster computers!!!
or for computer repairs in morecambe use lancaster computers!!! lol

spam spam spam spam !!

new myspace account

Had some messing about – im basically sick of face book and some of the bullshit talked on it.
It was good a first then kids found it now its full of chavs and cranks that just basically chat unnecessary bullshit. Anyway i decided to create a myspace and concentrate on my music this year its strikes me I have being abusing my ability to be a good bass player my standards im afraid to say have dropped. This year ive decided to focus on my bass playing and not so much on the guitar playing (thats far to easy!) Im going to get back on line with stepping in for other bands like I did in the good old days :) so any local bands needing a bass player for one of gigs dont get stuck im your man!
Anyway i setup a myspace account called waynepaulward – got it all nicely setup then realised it wasnt a musician account and was unable to add my own tracks which im going to be doing :( damn!
So you cant upgrade so ive created an account called wayneward666 – Please add me -> the bass player from hell :)

Beware the IT criminal

someone has been up to no good with google so im going to report the incident
ask me for a copy -> blog @
which was basically a load of bullshit heading at me back in oct 06
now if you search google for
it comes up with this link but headed
and underneath it reads
at or by e-mailing furness.
now this directs to the furness building society?!
so someone has made this happen im going to see what the furness and google think of this 2morro.

Please feel free to read the article which was a load of bullshit.
Any questions regarding being asked to do any hacking by employers please email me @