Kubuntu 64 bit with nvidia and realtime kernel – oh and kde 4!

Well here it is my first 64 bit real-time box running with the nvidia drivers!! and to top it all with kde 4.1.2
Well its done using kubuntu hardy!
Seems to work great -The problem ive been having is hardware
Ive been using a intel dual core …. crap
Ive switched back to my amd chip and it is well better
I wont touch intel again ugghhh….

So pissed off with pipex

Pipex adsl is crap its unreal
I was on eclipse before pipex and my connection was ace but they had a strange problem with billing and they would forget to bill me for months and not worry and then sometimes forget a month and just chop me off! which is no good for my business.
So i moved to pipex as it said it was a 24/7 support and a business style connection
Well the tech support is 9-7 and the connection is modem speed its crap
Im gutted – I need to loose this connection FAST
Dont sign up to pipex its a load of bollocks.
Try eclipse thats what im going back to!

Google – Where is it going..

399First we get gOS – the google search engine the most popular search engine on the internet – next we get google gadgets for the desktop and igoogle – then we get google desktop and google office!! wow they are really going to town..
Thats not it we then get the new chromium google web browser which currently i a massive bit of kit to download to compile on linux! (450 meg) now we also have gOS the google operating system based on linux with all the google tools built in!! wicked but what ties it all together?
Andoid is the answer – yep the new google phone available next month from T mobile – its features are awsome – now tie that in with all the other tools i just talked about could just toe them into the door for being the leaders of all operating systems – if google puts microoft out of the picture at least we will get all this built on linux boxes so we gain security and stability – my fingers are crossed – its on the cards watch this space – long live google.

Kde shredder on debian

Need to shred some files?
easy on debain get a prompt and get root – now type
apt-get install kgpg
then go to utilities and pim click on kgpg
this will install the shredder to your desktop and also make some gpg keys for secure email etc…

Now just drag the file you want to kill onto the shredder icon on your desktop and it will be deleted securely!!!
Linux power :-)

Google gadgets – baaaaa

Well i installed it I had to compile from source and i made some x86 and 64 bit deb packages with checkinstall while I was at it!! if any one wants a deb version just ask!!

Well for one thing i noticed the gtk version is better than the KDE version!! why?!!

And for linux i wouldnt waste your time its piss poor sorry google!!
But is meant to be cross platform! half the plugins dont work!!!

Id say install kde4 and use the widgets with that + with the widgets you can use mac osx widgets!

I found a couple of widgets that worked ok but it aint worth it! nice idea like???!!?

Google gadgets on debian

Google Gadgets is an open-source application which allows you to beautify your desktop using the huge number of useful gadgets Google provides. The project is still in development, so there is possible to have several bugs, but nevertheless, it works.

In order to compile and install Google Gadgets, first install the necessary development packages:

apt-get install build-essential autoconf automake libtool
apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libdbus-1-dev libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev libgtk2.0-dev libmozjs-dev libqt4-dev libqt4-opengl-dev librsvg2-dev libxml2-dev libxul-dev xulrunner

Next, download the source from the project’s website. Uncompress it, change the current working directory to google-gadgets-for-linux-0.10.2 (or whatever version you have) and do the usual:

make install

make install as root. Google Gadgets should be built with both GTK and Qt interface, and to run it use ggl-qt for Qt or ggl-gtk for GTK.

Normailze – Error cant exec on debain and ubuntu

Normalize is handy for getting mp3 files and ogg files all at the same level
Its easy as this

apt-get install lame normalize

Now when you install it – its broke!?! so

nano /usr/bin/normalize-mp3

Replace the line that reads:

$MP3ENCODE = ” -quiet %w %m”; with
$MP3ENCODE = “lame -quiet %w %m”;

Save the file with ctrl and w

Now get to the directory with the mp3′s and type
normalize-mp3 *.mp3

Easy let it make all your mp3 files the same level!!