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I recently joined camra as ive started using the cask ale instead of the bloaty old lager.. Must say i do so much look forward to a pint of the many amazinglogo casks available. Also enjoying news updates and discounts of ales in good public houses. For £25 quid a year i cant grumble. Take a look here


also try the following apps on you mobile device

  • Good beer guide
  • Cask finder
  • PerfectPint


a new lease of life to the iMac G5

I recently acquired a iMac G5 PPC

it had a broken screen which you can pick one up on ebay for around 40 quid, i fitted the new screen in about 15 minutes not a hard job at all, noticing how good the apple hardware really is built compared some of the crap sold on the market today!

Because the operating system is no longer supported for PPC then the way to go is linux, after trying various flavours of ubuntu and failing miserably i tested debian, now i havent used debian for a while but it went on no problem and run slick as you like. The only problem was the machine was getting hot as its having to work a bit hard that usual !! so i ordered a fan of ebay with speed control and got a local engineering firm to cut the hole and i fitted the fan – i have to say it works flawlessly and its not noisey at all!!

it runs a full blown cctv zoneminder server and runs as our home juke box nicely and looks amazing :) if you get chance to grab one get debian on it but youll need that extra fan!!

A couple of casks

Tried a couple of blonde casks today which I couldn’t find on the good cask ale guide

Class of 66  (cant find any information on this one…)
Wild wheat  4.0% ABV   (york brewery)Wild_Wheat-1403604527

Both a blonde but because I can’t Rate them on any site I give them a two star rating (out of five)
On my own site

Watch out for more cask ratings

apple macintosh iMac G5 and linux

I recently acquired a imac G5 with a broken screen from some kind person of the internet so decided to give it a new lease of life!

i got a new screen of ebay and installed the screen easily. (around 15 mins to install)

I wanted to install ubuntu as thats what i tend to use so looked for the latest ubuntu install, i discovered they have stop support for PPC macs but still have versions available using lubuntu, which is a cut down version which would be fine due to the age of the mac.. so i proceeded to the latest 14.0.4 install. The install wouldnt complete so i tried the version before which failed so i tried the video-ofonly in the option of the install which looked promising as the install worked! but after the install i couldnt get past the greater! so i tried various window managers to no prevail. Before giving up I remembered I had used debian on my macbook so i downloaded the latest debian dvd and blew it to a disk.

imac g5

The install went flawlessly and i ended up with a slick gnome dektop which is very nice to use and look at. I installed a zone minder server and connected my cameras with no problems.

Now the machine runs fine nice and slick now the only problem is because of the processing power which its handling fine the fans are running fast to keep the machine cool. There is no way with moddding the case to fix this so i have a thermaltake mobile  II on the way ill update this post later…thermaltake II

best ever birthday ever

setup a jam in the smugglers den for my birthday and have to say what a superb turn out

a massive thanks to my dad and my lad for showing out and to all my good friends for a showing and also a massive thanks to all the musicians who came and joined the fun!!

a day of fine music and beer! what more could a musician ask for for!

  • rubber soul
  • tony west
  • bottle necks
  • mick brown
  • natural thing
  • richard turton
  • jay blackburn
  • keith frankland

the smugglers den pub morecambe

The Smugglers Den is the oldest pub in Morecambe, the original building dating from the early 1600s. There is an open fire in the colder months. There are 6 real ale pumps and the Smugglers Den appears in The Good Beer Guide. Very atmospheric pub with low ceilings in plaes. Currently serving 2 local real ales, 3 guest ales and 2 real ciders with bottled real ale and cider also available. No food offer at present, though lots of bar snacks, and for functions a catering offer is provided. The pub is Casque Marque accredited. The pub has regular live music events and is also the only pub in Morecambe that offers folk music on a regular basis. Parking is available and there is a beer garden. Cyclists welcome with cycle rails outside the pub so your cycle can be secured. Well behaved dogs are welcome with their owners. During the football season both home and away fans are welcome at this venue for both pre and post match discussions.

  • monday poker night
  • tuesday quiz night
  • wednesday ukulele night
  • thursday open mic night
  • friday karaoke night
  • saturday live music

How To install Everpad on Ubuntu 14.04.

How To install Everpad (Evernote Client) on Ubuntu 14.04. Everpad is a client for Evernote. Everpad comes with a Unity lens that supports previews, Ubuntu AppIndicator for quickly accessing your notes, supports Evernote notebooks, resources, tags, places and more.

simply run these commands from your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad

wayne ward, evernote on ubuntu
wayne ward, evernote on ubuntu

Open Everpad via dash and setting with your Evernote account

also take a look at nix note available from the ubuntu software centre


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