A day of computer fun


From old technology to the latest !! With a hint of retro

A day I’m the office booking up a handful of mini computers 

Raspberry pi 3 with two sd card one retropie to run classic arcade games and another raspbian card to run as a desktop computer. 

Raspberry zero with one as card and cut down Debian system to just experiment with.  The smallest computer on the market I know! 

Sinclair spectrum not been powered for a age so fixed up all the leads and spectrum and got it to boot! I’m going to load a game this week using wav files.. manic miner maybe!?.. 

And last but not least fixed up two mini remote keyboards that are to operate this little bunch of joy! 

One more mini computer tomorrow! The intel compute stick …..!! 

Looking forward to loading up the retro pie !!!! 🤗

Mac OSX Catalina Steam Killer!


Beware steam lovers on Mac OSX 

I love moving to the latest versions of Mac OSX but being warned if you upgrade it will break loads of things like 32 bit apps removed is just backwards – so do you stay on a old outdated version of Mac for ever !! luckily enough I only need steam. I don’t really get a lot of time to sit behind a screen vegetating over games im a kind of a get out into the big wide world type person but every now and then a game of gta to get away from the world is great specially when locked down due to corona virus!! So I get onto the iMac I don’t get to use a lot and fire up steam.. it updates and wahhh laaa …

as you can see all not available to run apart from one!! agggghhhhh!so I updated the steam app still no joy !! so I looked and there is no support for all my games now! how crap is that! now im not sure if steam is going to fix this but I wasn’t hanging around! So along comes crossover check this out! https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac

not only does crossover run my steam games but lots of other applications and yes 32 applications!! bingo! and for a cheap version with no support etc 32 euro! bargain! so I got the trial to test and installed steam from inside the application and logged into my account and I got all my games back!

the games run perfect so im happy at 32 euro until steam or apple do something about this, but im thinking apple won’t change I think the cleaver people at steam will have to add the 32 bit emulation for all the people who paid them for games, the solution they suggest is boot camp or installing a older version of windows on a USB key to boot off now thats just backwards!!

all I need now is…

many thanks to imageoptim for compressing my images! the screen shots where over 2 meg and wouldn’t upload check it out here https://imageoptim.com/mac

Some of the amazing cooking devices available i rate and why


I’m currently on lock down in Torremolinos with Corona virus on the rampage so I thought id do a quick blog on some of the fantastic Electric cooking devices available to take your cooking adventures here is my top five cooking gadgets for 2020

Has to be the Anova sous vide cooker.
Once you cooked sous vide there is no going back! You can see the sous vide cooker in the picture below cooking steak and a corn on the cob. The whole method includes investing in either zip air free bags or a electric vacuum sealer which i went for. There are great benefits from having the vacuum sealer as you can seal meat and get longer fridge time and also you can infuse the food say the day before.
The sealer cost me 100 with a big roll of bag which i cut to size with the machine and seal, these can be picked up cheaper but i went for a half decent one as i plan using this a lot! Now i went for the basic Anova with bluetooth which is the best they say for say 2 to 4 people cooking, this can be controlled on the machine or from a remote app using bluetooth so you cant be really to far away but if you want full range you could pay around 175 for a wifi version with the scope of cooking for more people, Again you can get cheaper models one for like 50 but Anova is damn good. Now you can see i have this in a pan which i got because i can use this for curries and other things like soup and hot pots. Anova also do a tank which i getting next which has racks inside to put the bags in so they get proper rotational water circulation and the lid will keep the heat inside using less electricity I’m thinking. Any way my method is one very top end aged fillet steak left on the side for around a hour to two hours then i season with salt and pepper then vacuum seal. I then set the sous vide cooker in a bowl full of water to 135 for two hours, then start. Once the sous vide hits cooking temperature it will notify you then and not before I drop in the fillet steaks. Then i wait for one hour and drop in the corn on the cob sweetcorn, these are not in official sous vide bags but cook perfect! Next we get a notification after the two hours so then i take out the steaks and open the bags and put the steaks onto kitchen roll. As the steaks are settling i let them settle for ten minutes i pat them very lightly removing all the moisture as I’m doing this i turn my griddle or you can use a pan and the hottest it will go. As the griddle warms i add some slices mushroom to the end I’m not using with a spray of oil and a touch of garlic turning while i pat the steaks dry as possible. Then i get a not to big lump of butter and add the steak to the other end of the griddle i tend to put the steak to the end where the probe inserts. I use a set of prongs to brown the sides off and cook each side for say one minute until its looking perfectly cooked. Then i move the steak to the plate and make a tinfoil tent over the steak for a minute or so or maybe 5 but don’t wrap.. then while I’m getting off the mushrooms i cut the sweet corn from the bags from the tank and then put on the plate and then remove the tinfoil from the steaks and we are ready to eat the most perfect cooked steak and succulent sweetcorn you ever tasted !!
Ive also cooked pork loins which are absolutely amazing. Chicken breast and beef and prawns which i added to curries. 
Also I’ve cooked lamb chops and pork chops which i cant describe. Pork takes around 1 hour! Then you sear of again like steak etc. Next I’m looking at getting a tank to cook more efficient, a blow torch to sear off and a barbecue with a smoker so i can sous vide then smoke. Also one thing I’m really looking forward to testing is a large cut of top side beef joint and sous vide for around 24 hours and then sear off! Divine! If you have any questions or need any tips feel free to drop me a message!
Keep in mind that the meat is cooked through to perfection with no loss of size and full impact flavor with meat holding all juices. 
The rice cooker. Now i make a lot of curries but my rice is always real bad. So i bought this! You can see the extra additional bit on the top where i can drop a bit or sweetcorn or peas in and it steams them up with a taste you never imagined. So i get the basmati rice and fill one of the plastic cups i go with the machine and this feeds two perfectly. I put this into metal bowl and then i wash the rice off until the water comes clear . Then the water level i have about a centimeter of water hardly any! Then i put on the lid and set to cook which takes around 10 to fifteen minutes you hear it click off. I don’t hang around like you can with the sous vide cooker or the rice starts burning up on the bottom and sticking, although you can get some gauzes to stop this I don’t bother. You get a plastic spoon to take out the rice without scratching the bowl and then i just add a slight bit of water and washing up liquid to the bowl and leave to soak to wash out the rice easy that stuck. People ask if I wash the rice of after etc but no need i just add straight the plate and its not sticky light and fluffy ready to eat infact its better than i buy from most Restaraunt’s !!! This was like 25 euro a real bargain.
This is a great bit of kit to boil up rice and then fry of the rice with egg and spring onions peas and ham as a special fried rice.
The Plancha, As you can see this looks pretty bolloxed! But has had hard usage for 3 years this is a cheap bit of kit at around 15 euro and just easy to use and clean! as you can see im ready for another! but I do loads on this and it gets thrown on the balcony for cooking outside! hot dogs – fry ups you name it but its damn good for getting up to a hight temperature and searing of steaks or pork loins when they have cooled from out of the sous vide! 
Halogen Cooker . This is a damn great big of kit! This was given to us by two of loveliest people and great friends from Australia as they didn’t want to carry it back to Australia! Any way we cook roast vegetables and full chickens in this as well as other meats and vegetables. Chicken comes out of the halogen cooker divine, soft and juicy – these are available from around 50 euros upwards. 
Deep fat fryer. Ours is small but this is so handy and get the right results. This one is small and compact and cost 18 euro. Easy to replace and clean and doesn’t need to much oil. The filter is easy to take out and clean and great for two people just fill basket with say frozen chips of fresh cut chips after you have heated on full for 5 minutes and drop the fries in and drop the lid and 5 to ten minutes later pull the basket onto the top rim and close the lid let them dry off and you have the most amazing fries also handy for cooking up popadoms for curry etc. Nice compact and easy to maintain and cuts down on fat all over the kitchen using a standard chip pan with lid and filtering.  
That’s the round up but here is a couple more gadgets that are outstanding and worth buying!
Wine Fridge
Having a great variation of fine wines in stock and cooled to the right temperature is one of the best things I did as a citizen of Spain. I can get realistically priced wines as well as a few real good ones and have them cooled to the perfect temperature and have the display light on when I’m in at night or have friends around. It’s silent and uses small power. Next on the cards is a electric wine bottle opener.
Last but not least!!
This has to get a mention coming cheaper than the deep fat fryer at a mear 12 euro! Buying a large bag of oranges for juice is a round 4  euro which gives you a fresh orange jug everyday for the week is a real bargain and its fresh with no additives has to be one of the best bargains. Around 3 or 4 more minutes to cut the oranges in half and put on top of the juicer to get one jug. 
Hope you like my cooking gadget review! 
Don’t forget gadgets give you good results !!
I’ve got done great blogs coming with some great gadgets. 
Currently in day 4 of a Corona virus lockdown so plenty of time for some more amazing reviews and blogs – keep safe. Peace and love to close family and friends and love to the people who took the time to see if we was ok. Mum, Dad big Sister and my oldest daughter. Thank you 🙏 
Lisa family and children are amazing and maximum respect and love to these. We don’t forget this.


Happy New Year – FELIZ ANO 2020


id like to wish everybody a happy new year and wish everybody the best for 2020! What changes are you going to make for 2020!! Me nothing! Because im happy with what I have! 

This year my solo beatle act show will breath and ive added another Rickenbacker for the show I got a 335 so keep your eye out for my shows and videos

beatle oneOn YouTube and live shows on Facebook! Ill be singing songs through the full career of The Beatles with authentic beatle guitars amps and two outfit swaps

Singing songs from all beatle members – Beatle one, the best solo beatle tribute on the coast.

Im also available as Wayne Ward doing the best selection of music from the fifties to the nineties and pretty much booked for 2020 so if you would like to talk to me regarding shows please use the contact us from or live chat here. Plus im available as a acoustic version for cosy parties or restaurants.

Tech… Well im just building a home automation 

home asssitant

System server built on home assistant ive got this driving assorts and I can control this from google assistants I have in every room or externally from google assistant or home assistant apps on my mobile. We have lights dimming and some switching on and off. We have full tv and emby server control from the house and external, built in CCTV and im just adding wall dimmers and a IR unit which will monitor temperatures in the hot summer and kick the air conditioning in and out and in winter we can have a small heater kicking in and out (saying that we never used one this year!) this IR unit will also switch on and change colours on my back lit infrareds on the televisions. Im going to add a bedroom ceiling fan which I can control from the system aswell.

my server

google assistant mini The automation setups will turn on lights when I get home to the house and switch on TV,s. I also have a sous vide cooker coming which is greta cooking technique for cooking meat and fish and this can be monitored and controlled  from the home assistant! ill post some more information on this……

if you are looking for cheap switches to turn electrical items own and off take a look at a Sonoff!…

true love

We would like to thank close family and friends for coming to our wedding this year! we had the best time ever. The day was perfect and couldn’t have wished for a better day and night!family

The wedding was the best ive seen and the lunch was amazing plus the night do was brilliant! lovely to see all the special people in our lives. Thank you sending love.

Id like to thank you all for tuning into my blog and like to send love to all our close friends and family – you all know who you are we are lucky to have you in our lives. Peace and love.

peace and love

Piecing together the ultimate media server


Ive always been more geared towards building my media servers on Emby, a great fully blown media server available on all platforms with server and tv / mobile client apps.I took a year out and ran Plex and it was a pretty bad experience to be honest unless you want to pay for a Plex pass which is a pretty hefty fee for not a lot!

Any way i got the Emby server back up and running on my Mac server and this server paired up with a few great bits of software makes the ultimate media server. Also if your a scribbling fan like me! I like to scrobble music to last.fm and movies and tv shows to trakt.tv these are built direct into Emby and easy to enable unlik on plex which i found a pain and not really reliable. Running Emby server serving movies, photos , music and tv shows and music videos is the standard but i decided to build the IPTV server in. Two option use the free iptv option which lets you add the channels in separate which works but isn’t that great, option 2 is the right way which is Emby premier i did a one month to test and it pass te test which was 5 dollars or 80 which I’m paying when the month runs out! As well as a mountain of nice features with premiere this enables iptv, in iptv section you can your iptv url and it will add all the channels at once. Now with my iptv provider they didn’t supply a EPG url which you will need if you want to use te TV guide and recording features. I got my url from epg guide which lets you select your region and pay 30 for the full year and thats it get the url and add this into the guide section of Emby iptv section it will go off scan the guide and channels and your way! The tv section is pretty good although i found the TV guide on Apple TV useless but they are working on replacing this but have been for a couple of years so there may be a wait! Although the guide on iOS and WebOS is right and easy to use, When you find a program you like you can select favorite then you would think this would be present in the favorites section on the front but it doesn’t, it basically moves any you select to the top of the channels section which basically saves you diving through a thousand channels to watch some say like bbc1! So if you got the guide installed you can sit through that and mov forward intime to a tv show select and pick record for that one show or use the series record if you would like the full series etc. If you go to channels and pick the channel direct you will see the guide on the left hand side so you can see what the line up is or just click play and you get your tv live. Also you get a tab for recordings so you can watch your recordings or schedule so you can see what your recording if you want to cancel them. Media and tv shows with tv show recording awesome! No don’t stop there !!!

Here enters Ombi! Ombi is a great server with mobile app that shows you latest movies and music and can search music but the music is enabled by default, now this is the only bit of software I could find with a iOS app. Now Ombi will show you trending tv shows and movies and let you request them and pass that to the Ombi server and that then uses external to download which we will go over. You need a port forward if you want to get to from outside so open ports on the router and forward to the server and a domain name i use no ip service which offers a free solution by renewing the domain each month by clicking on a email easy peasy, also its worth a mention that this will take multiple users so you can have people request moves or tv shows and then you can accept the movie or tv show then this lets the user know that you have accepted this so they know it will appear in the Emby (or plex) now Ombi has to talk to the download clients this is where is gets tricky ! As i use Sonarr to download tv show Radarr to download movies and ladrarr to download the music! Yup three standalone servers which you need setup then it doesn’t stop there they then have to pull the data from somewhere! So i use nbzget which is the download client and then in that you will need a indexer which i used nzb.su and paid 14 for the as my primary indexer is great then you need your news server I tested the standard service 14 day trial and chewed 50 gig testing so then i noted i only needed ntp so setup 10 dollars a month subscription for unlimited ntp and thats perfect. Setup a port forward for your nbzgt and add a user pass. Then from your mobile or tablet install the Emby app connect it and Ombi and connect it and then your nbzget and then you can basically go to Ombi select the tv show or movie select request then you will get back a notification then if you go to nbzget you can watch them drop in then check your Emby and you should see the requests you made drop into Emby with out going near the computer or NAS etc.one problem i had with Sonarr was it thinking my drive was full as it couldn’t read how much disk space but there are fixes i just ticked the tick box in the media section that says don’t look at the disk space, if you don’t do this it thinks its out of disk space and doesn’t automatically move the tv shows and they will just stay in your downloads folder!

Couple of last minute pointers if you add the music service in Ombi you have to tick the enable button as it’s i ticked by default, in the app you wont see the music tab I’m not sure if that comes in the next version i know version 4 is around the corner add in the re request option which is needed as if you pick a season from the TV app say you cant back in for Eason two as you already requested it which is dumb! But you get the music tab from with the web browser version. Last but not least if you don’t want Ombi and just want to use the Oda loaders separately sonarrr, radarr and ladarr offer awesome web client with full calendar, tv show, music and movie search and discover features that will you wont find in others. Although no trakt support which can be achieved by piecing more software together Which id had enough of I’m hoping trakt support gets added soon ill keep nagging on the forums!

Last tip if you awesome direct support then just install the reddit app I’ve connect to Ombi Emby and Sonarr Groups there and been interacting with other users if i got stuck setting these services up!

Last couple of Mac tips you need mono to run radarr, Sonarr and ladarr which installed mono but i t didn’t work not sure if i got the wrong version or something ! I installed a bit of software called brew which give you almost like a apt-get / Pac-Man install interface from a terminal so i just for instance pasted one line of code which went of and got brew sniffing then i typed brew cask sonarr which went of and pulled mono install and installed then went of and grabbed the stable release of sonarr and dropped in the applications folder! But it didn’t end there when i went to run it never worked!! So i went to a terminal cd .s into /Applications/Sonarr,app/Contents/Macos folder and executed manually like mono Sonarr.exe and it kicked in! I had to do this with all the download apps even Ombi so I have a terminal with 4 tabs running Ombi Radarr Sonarr & Ladarr for now I’m pretty certain i can make script that will Judit trigger this lot a t boot but i ve kept like this when i do reboot which is hardly ever i can watch the service start and look for any warning messages in the console! Not surE if todo with me running the las test version of macOS but I’m sure something they will fix and then you can just add these to your startup which would be handier.

I hope this helps i spent around 3 or 4 days at this and nearly cost me a divorce !!!!

Now thats is a real media server.


Since this I made a few changes.. For one I installed SABnzbd for the download server as this ties into a new app ive side loaded on to the iPhone which connects to sonarr / radarr and lidarr and then the SABnzbd so you can see what’s downloading and history! Also I added pushover support to all services and installed the push over app to my iPhone then paid the 5GBP Licence! this notifies me when its pulling series and downloaded which comes to my watch and phone! And I installed a bit of software called istat which you install the server on the Mac and get a iPhone client so I can track disk space and system performance.

sun love life and tech!


Hola! just a quick check in to keep all you peeps updated on things – I just turned 47 which I had a great birthday thanks to my close family and my close friends here in Spain god bless you all and thank you.

Im fully booked now for the rest of the year and playing some awesome venues in a round malaga. I have been looking for a local drummer and bass player for members of a new band for next year which ill keep you updated on. Ive plenty of new songs which are great and still working on a album which ill finish for the end of the year and it’ll be available as the Wayne Ward album of 2019 collection. My beatle one show goes live over xmas so expect to se some pre shows…

here is some new tech – my new sennheiser mic which when connected ted to my new phonic desk with the tube output and built in vocal compression is sounding like never before. The Levinson blade super Strat comes to life through the tube desk.

We are currently in what we call the Inferno and suffering heat you would never imagine. So we have to keep in the shade and pick safe days for the beach or pool till it levels! So we got freddies hair chopped! …


we are in full drive with craft on the coast and adding new companies to the craft ale locator and adding new bars down the coast. Also we have moved our web server to a new host as we have seen tso host decay over the past year so now we have blazing fast websites and email with proper support! Also gigseek my music agency is rapid growth and we are looking for new acts all the time so feel free to pm me for more information on this.

couple of movie suggestions

we watch more televisions box sets but we just started watching a few films.  My trakt https://trakt.tv/users/wayneward



Id like to thank all my close family and good friends here for being here for us and wish you all the best for the future. Peace love and hope. All our good friends will know we are getting married this year and we thank you for the overwhelming good wishes the decent people we know. You will all get more information on day and night time arrangements. Thank you again to close family and friends we are truly blessed to have good people in our lives.

I noticed my blogs are well spaced out nowadays!


its been a while since I blogged again! its funny I don’t get so much time to sit round in computers and laptops but its nice when I do! I mainly spend my time on my mobile advertising for my shows and beers sales! I tend to keep a way from the stress of computer repairs and websites although I do still dip in my toe occasionally! My season starts now and iv e just finished working with the SilverBeats which wasn’t bad! Im back working for my self now and working on a new project for a new band for next year featuring a Beatles hits that goes through the years I noticed people asking in the band if we do later stuff so my new project will feature hits right through the years very similar to my solo betake show BeatleOne which is a show which is a beatles story featuring music from the start to the end of The Beatles giving the audience the full Beatles experience. I got myself a nice John Lennon Rickenbacker which is great and I got a Vox ac15 which is amazing! plus I got the epiphany casino which is pretty damn crap but I’m going to work on this to make it to professional standard but what you expect for a 500 quid guitar!! Personally for myself im booked out all year and have some awesome venues lined up! Im so busy I created a music agency called GigSeek and have some great acts and events on the books already! As well as this Craft on the coast is going great and we have changed our bear over to Attik brewery which has been awesome as the beers sales have increased and we have great relationship with the brewery! and we like the beer! We are just adjusting the venue for our Monday meetings for our friends Called the Monday Club! we have had great times in the anca sol venue and the florin restaurant but we are looking now at a new venue in Torremolinos central once we are settled ill create a great blog for this! Ive had some great friends visit recently and love to thank them for taking the time to come and see me it means a lot. Ive got a nice review coming up for Granada beer festival this weekend which ill share the link here.. also I’ve got a nice review of iPhone / iPad apps coming up which you might find interesting …. also a lot of people ask me about working out here as a professional musician im working on a blog outlining what will make you successful and give you great tips for what’s good and bad here working as a musician in Spain.

hasta pronto

Id love to thank all my good friends who have been here for me lately and having such great times and keeping life happy and positive.. this past two years has been life changing getting a new start on life and escaping morecambe has been a miracle! peace love and hope to all the awesome people I know.

here is some of our new beers…

technology, linux, life and music… what else is there?