ssh on BQ ubuntu touch phone


Connect your device via USB, enable Developer Mode in:

“System-Settings->About This Phone->Developer Mode”

…and run (from your PC, make sure to have the phone screen unlocked, else adb will refuse to let you in):

adb shell android-gadget-service enable ssh

Copy your public key to the Phone:

adb shell mkdir /home/phablet/.ssh
adb push ~/.ssh/ 
adb shell chown -R phablet.phablet /home/phablet/.ssh
adb shell chmod 700 /home/phablet/.ssh

adb shell chmod 600 /home/phablet/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now you can look up your IP on the phone and use ssh to connect:
adb shell ip addr show wlan0|grep inet
ssh phablet@<IP from above command>

are you thinking convergence?


if your thinking of trying convergence using ubuntu touch and ubuntu unity 8 you will need two things


for the computer or laptop wily werewolf, this is well in testing!

this is convergence,

and ubuntu touch on you phone or tablet, if its supported! nexus 4/5 or seven and others are suported

dont forget this is early days, the phone / tablet stuff is pretty solid but the last piece of the jigsaw the desktop isnt going to be ready till at least the end of 2015 :)

happy hacking

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) – Review


now i have ratings installed ill start rating the films i watch

Ill start with wyrmwood, new zombie type film, infact almost walking dead apart from the zombies breath like fumes during the day which can be used to run your car? and can run. The film wasnt bad bit corny, tad of bad acting, id class this as run of the mill wouldnt say i enjoyed it ,had a giggle here and there but just seemed low budget to me. Watch if you like zombies and a laugh 😉

imdb link

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