Ubuntu M10 has arrived

Well the ubuntu m10 has arrived and im happy with it, apart from I ordered the hd one not the fhd which was a tad cheaper but wasnt knowing it was in white! so now i need a white logitech slim mouse to match instead of the black one i bought! oh well!! .. anyway ill be doing a video blog on the tablet and the hardware i got got – if you bought one and have the scope rotation bug here is a quick fix to get you going !!

ubuntu m10 docked

workaround for rotate on the ubuntu m10 tablet
As a workaround you can comment out the line
then you will have a rotating dash. You have to make the device writeable first.

as you can see i have remmina working on the ubuntu m10, her e is a cut down tutorial to adding more native apps to the ubuntu m10

cd ~/.local/share/libertine
rm ContainersConfig.json
cp /custom/click/.click/users/@all/com.ubuntu.puritine/libertine-config/libertine/ContainersConfig.json .
libertine-container-manager create -i puritine2 -n “Puritine 2” -t chroot -d vivid –force
libertine-container-manager install-package -i puritine2 -p inkscape
cd ~/.local/share/applications/
cp /usr/share/applications/puritine_gimp_0.0.desktop puritine2_inkscape_0.0.desktop

Now edit the file and change the “Name=” field to say inkscape and the “Icon=” field to point to an icon you want. Don’t edit any other fields.



working on new site deign and inbound links

working on new site design for EllisonAC , fully loaded social networking. Easy accessible brochures, clear contact details, easy navigation, nice profile sliders with more information, product videos and pictures and  company profile video. Also live online support assistant and sign up to newsletter feature with full un-subscribe facility. Contact us page contains a small navigation map to the site followed by a large full blown navigation system using google. The newest feature is contained in our switch room enclosure page which is a full blown product page with

  • product information
  • product bullet points
  • product video
  • product images
  • product brochure

This is all the information provided in the required product for the clients information.  New features being added daily and content being added.  Last but not last we added the new online shop were we will be adding plat rooms and other items we have for sale.



prey on ubuntu touch

Please note the phone has to be RW mode to install prey.prey
Go here and make a free prey account https://preyproject.com/
First enanable developer mode in settings / about this phone
Connect phone and make sure screen isnt lock and run this command on the laptop connected to the phone
phablet-config writable-image
The phone will reboot and now be in RW mode
Unlock the screen and open a terminal on the laptop and type
adb shell

in the phone terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl git
curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_5.x | sudo -E bash –
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential

this is all the packages required now we install prey with npm

sudo npm install -g prey

it will get the package and build, when it finishes type command below

sudo prey config hooks post_install
this will configure the setup and then type
sudo prey config account setup
and enter in the account details you signed up with at the prey project


cd /usr/lib/node_modules/prey/lib/agent/providers/network/

and sudo rm linux.js

then wget http://wayneward.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/linux.js

chmod +x linux.js

(if you get no command type sudo apt-get install wget)

the above is a fix we add to make it work on ubuntu touch.

now try this command to get location

sudo prey -r “get location”

this should show on the online prey map with current location. I do a reboot here and it works properly 🙂

get the prey app from the ubuntu touch app store! here https://uappexplorer.com/app/prey.infowaynewardcoukscreenshot20160228_130354387

thought it was about time i started blogging wordpress :)

Well if you have woo commerce installed and get shop text dotted in the middle of the page and want to remove it this is a quick fix ive used so the change stays in place after a upgrades. I inserted this text before into the css code of the template but when the upgrade came for the template it overwrite it so this is the fix so the css should not change after theme updates.

woocommerce shop title

install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/

add this text

.woocommerce-page .page-title {
  display: none;

like so simple custom css

and update CSS and the finished results:

fixed woocommerce

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